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Guy Powers, CEO

Guy Powers brings a unique perspective to the strategic marketing programs and creative solutions developed for clients.

Guy has extensive experience managing projects from concept to design, photography, illustration, retouching, and production. He has shot dozens of campaigns as well as been instrumental in the conceptualization of programs that have resulted in increased market positions and sales that realize strong revenue gains. One of his strategic multi faceted campaigns resulted in increasing Tosca Olive Oil’s market position from number 27 to 4 nationwide and to 2 in New York in just one and a half years.

Guy has saved clients thousands of dollars by finding viable alternate design solutions for projects that would have cost too much to produce. He has furthered the growth of many companies based on his relationships utilizing his abilities for creative concepts, addressing clients concerns.

Guy’s other accomplishments include creating a new look for Doubleday’s Book of Music Clubs’ Merchandise Direct Marketing Division, design and photography for Weight Watcher’s Favorite Recipes cookbook, Cats at Work, and Aches & Pains as well as working on the campaign for Exxon Office Systems that resulted in a reversal from a $265 million deficit to a $97 million gain.

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